Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Jeff Marshall James Bond lithographs

With the new James Bond film Skyfall still a ways off, I thought it might be good to class up the joint a little with some art.  Of course, given the title of this post it goes without saying it will be 007-centric art.  Some of the nicest stuff I've ever seen has come from Jeff Marshall, a very talented man with a real good feel for the franchise.

Marshall is quite good at getting to the heart of what the movie is and his compositions are simply beautiful.  I honestly have little to say so let's just look at the art itself.

That just about covers the bulk of his film poster interpretations.  Haven't been able to track down any for the Brosnan entries but he did do one for the latest, Quantum of Solace.

Stunning, simply stunning.  As a little bit of dessert, here's an interview with Mr. Marshall from 2005.

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