Friday, February 24, 2012

VHS Memories XXIII: Random Acts of Nostalgia

The title says it all, let the randomness begin!

This is a quite awful Roger Corman flick that was shot or the simple reason that Corman still had time to use the sets from The Raven (a rather excellent movie, by the way) and being the industrious (cheap is too harsh) guy he is, he cobbled together this lame piece with Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson.  Being public domain, you can probably find it on any number of discount sets.

I don't really need to sell you on the next two, the covers alone are more than enough...Plus I truly have nothing new to add to the Evil Dead films.

This is a solid anthology film, based on the old EC Comics of the same name.  While Peter Cushing is fantastic, I have to say I prefer the HBO series as well as its cinematic spin offs.

Peter Jackson's debut feature is also, outside of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Dead Alive, his best movie.  Fast paced, gory as hell and immensely entertaining, it still holds up today.

What happens when you take Charlie's Angels and make it even more cheap and cheesy?  Well, you end up with this limp attempt at entertainment directed by Greydon Clark.  Even MST3K couldn't make this worth while and it shows in the episode this appears in.  I generally consider it to be a bad episode when the host segments are better than the movie riffing.

Ah, one of the great films I fell in love with as a kid and still love to this day.  I don't really need to get too into things as pretty much every person who would give a damn about it has seen it but if you haven't, I heartily recommend it.  It's a bit on the long side (not sure there is ever a need for a two hour sword and sorcery movie) but it's worth every minute.

Forgot to include this in my Stephen King post but in all honesty, the movie is bad enough I really forgot all about it.  It's based on a novel King wrote using his Richard Bachman pseudonym and while the f/x by Greg Cannom are good, the rest of the film put it charitably, not.

This is a true classic of the genre, a wild and wacky romp that is both a tribute to all those cheesy 50's alien invasion movies...and at the same time, a cheesy alien invasion movie.  The Chiodos put together fantastic f/x along with a fun script to make for one of the few horror comedies that actually works.

I actually sort of like this middling sequel though it doesn't even come close to the original.  The f/x are great, Julian Beck is wonderfully creepy as the bad guy Reverend Kane and the screenplay has some interesting ideas (gotta love how the titular Other Side is portrayed) but overall it just feels too rushed.  It's not often I say a bad movie would have been better served with another ten minutes or so but the lean 90 minute running time really cripples the script and what the filmmakers were going for.  If nothing else, it's better than the third movie.

To wrap things up, we'll take a look at this campy British horror film from 1973.  Michael Gough stars as Dr. Storm, a mad scientist doing some sort of brain experiments on young people
 in order...Actually, I'm not really sure why the hell he's doing this but in the end, it really doesn't matter since the emphasis in on camp and gore.  It's not really a good movie but it's certainly fun if you;re in the right mood for it.

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