Saturday, February 4, 2012

VHS Memories XIX: Media Home Entertainment

First started by Charles Band in the late 70's, this was one of the most prolific video companies of the 80's.  They put out tons of movies, mainly in the horror, action and comedy genres.  Here's a sampling of their wares.

Ah, one of the many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many VHS releases of the George Romero classic.

This is a really bad 70's thriller set in Indonesia with Christopher Lee in a supporting role as a police chief.  The box is about the most appealing thing about the movie.

I love the early Media covers, especially the one for this very good John Carpenter thriller and...

...the box for his seminal slasher classic.

A 1981 John Saxon horror film about a monster that lives under the sand on a beach and sucks victims down to their deaths.  Not nearly as good as it sounds.

The notorious Bill Lustig slasher movie that has some of Tom Savini's goriest f/x, Caroline Munro...and pretty much nothing else.

This is one of the many 80's slasher movies with a killer in a Santa suit.  That's about all I got non this one, really.

 Vincent Price is pretty much the only reason to watch this dire horror comedy.

Romero's third in his zombie series is highlighted by some amazing Tom Savini f/x but the actual story is a little hit and miss.

Let's round things off with a little Texas Chainsaw Massacre advertising.  Media got the rights to the first movie and they put out some very nice ad art for it.

Media also put out tons of Cannon films, one of which was the underrated TCM sequel from 1986.  I've slowly come to really enjoy this quirky sequel that takes a lighter approach but still keeps the tension of the original.

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