Wednesday, February 8, 2012

VHS Memories XXI: New World Home Video

New World Home Video was an offshoot of New World Pictures after Roger Corman sold it.  Without Corman at the helm, the company stuck with putting out tons of horror comedies and various exploitation movies.  Here's a sample of their wares as well as their budget label Starmaker.

This is a frankly terrible slasher comedy with George Clooney in a very small cameo role.  Lots of gore, not a lot of laughs and a video box that is truly the only good thing about the movie.

MST3K fans will know this one, a horribly cheap PBS special that mixes a tepid story about a guy trying to live in a dystopian society with various Casablanca references.  The fact that Raul Julia can't even save this thing is a real bad sign.

This is a surprisingly entertaining little flick with Grace Jones as a hissing vampire stripper.  One of the few horror comedies from the 80's that actually works and a nice precursor to From Dusk Till Dawn.  Good f/x, a clever script and an overall sense of fun make this a forgotten gem of a movie.

Ugh, this piece of crap seemed to be on KTLA every single Sunday afternoon when I was a kid.  Whereas the first movie was a fantastic, funny, scary thrill ride, the sequel is just dull.  Good f/x from KNB and Tom Savini in the wraparound sequences are the only things worth mentioning.

I already reviewed this on the blog but I just wanted to show off the cool cover.

 This is a Cirio Santiago action film with the cover art from Battletruck.

This is an absolute bad movie classic: A Karate Kid knock-off with a hero who worships Bruce Lee and ends up being trained by the ghost of the man (played by a Korean gentleman who looks nothing like Lee), cheesy music and Jean-Claude van Damme as the main bad guy, a nasty kickboxing Russian named Ivan the Russian who for some reason gets offended at being called "Russian".  Classic.

More MST3K fodder, this is a terrible zombie movie from the same folks who brought us Rock N' Roll Nightmare.  Ugh!

I loved this when I was a kid and the cast is good but good lord did it ever age badly!  Maybe in 1986 it was a fun tribute to the old Universal monster movies but now...Jebus!

To round things off, here is one of the best things ever made.  Chud is one of the better low budget horror movies of the 80's with a good script, fun performances and some nice creature effects.  Try and find the Anchor Bay DVD (they put out most of the studios stuff, incidentally) and listen to the audio commentary.  Great stuff.


  1. Nice write-ups. Love The Stuff ("Can't get enough...of THE STUFF!") and No Retreat, No Surrender.

    Also totally agree about CHUD and the hilarious commentary.

  2. Thanks, sorry it took a while to reply, computer's been down. It's all good now, though.


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