Sunday, January 29, 2012

VHS Memories XVI: Cornucopia Grab Bag Part 3

More randomness on tap.

This is a fairly decent Showtime horror anthology with entries from John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper.  Carpenter also appears in the wrap around segments as a cadaverous mortician (as opposed to his everyday appearance as a cadaverous director-say no to smoking, kids) and overall it's worth watching at least once.

I saw this on Monstervision with Joe Bob Briggs in college and it was a pretty decent low budget flick with Kane Hodder as a robotic werewolf or something like that.  Not nearly as awesome as it sounds but still good.

This is one of Hammer's more middle of the road films as Peter Cushing plays a local doctor who has a terrible secret relating to the mythological creature of the title.  Christopher Lee is also on hand in a rare heroic role and while they are good, the monster effects are embarrassingly lame.

Ah, here's a real gem!  This cheeseball 80's staple is a futuristic pirate movie that has Ron Perlman in a supporting role and a wildly imaginative screenplay.  It's flawed, yes as the screenplay is not quite focused enough to sustain itself but it's certainly worth at least a glance.

A moderately fun British werewolf flick that takes the standard Agatha Christie setup and plants a werewolf into it.  Peter Cushing is fun in a supporting role but, as tends to be the case with pre-80's werewolf movies, the wolf itself is rather underwhelming.  In fact, I think the role was played by a very large dog.

The best of the Leprechaun movies (though that's a little like saying the best case of Montezuma's Revenge), this is a wild riff on Alien with the usual fantastic performance from Warwick Davis as the title fiend and a wildly over the top screenplay that is remarkably stupid and yet at the same time, very entertaining.

This is an adequate heist movie that's an early effort from Golan-Globus.  Yeah, that's pretty much all I have for this one.  I saw it, it wasn't bad, I barely remember anything about it.

This is a flawed yet fairly decent haunted house movie from the 70's with Richard Crenna that I came across on DVD some last year (thank goodness for those Roger Corman's Cult Classics releases) that manages to overcome some hokey elements and a rather lame ending (Victor Buono as the devil side) to provide a reasonably entertaining movie.

We end with this 70's action gem that features Lee Marvin as a collector for the Kansas City mob who takes on Gene Hackman who owes the mob money.  It's a brisk 85 minutes of sleaze that goes by quickly and is surprisingly good.

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