Friday, January 27, 2012

VHS Memories XIV: 50 Movie Pack Frenzy Part 2

Time to dive back into the realm of public domain movies and those great/awful 50 movie packs.  As it was with the last one of these I did, here's hoping I make it through with my sanity intact.  To ensure this, we'll have a shorter entry than usual.

We begin with this agreeably cheesy little gem, a George Zucco film from 1943 I mentioned in one of my Fangoria Flashbacks a while ago.  Zucco plays two roles here as twin doctors, one good and the other evil (as tends to be the case).  As usual, Zucco is the best thing about the movie, giving an enthusiastically hammy performance.

This is a 1996 alien invasion movie starring the late Charles Napier about...Well, an alien invasion.  The film has a really low budget, made for television feel to it and it does, at times, feel like a feature length pilot for a new series.  It's pretty much the first thirty minutes or so of Independence Day on a very low budget, stretched out for ninety minutes.  Yeah, it's pretty crappy.

This is a pretty bad British mad scientist movie shot in South Africa about a woman whose fiancee is a deranged but obsessed with the idea of soul transfers who has experimented on his family.  Not nearly as interesting as it sounds.

A bog standard, amazingly dull 70's conspiracy movie about a group of people who volunteer for some sort of mind altering research and end up as most characters in a 70's conspiracy movie end up...dead.  It's nothing you haven't seen before and certainly nothing you haven't seen done better.  Not even good enough for an MST3K episode.

This is a stunningly bad monster movie starring perennial B-movie star John Agar in a story about a small Texas town menaced by a mutated ape that was part of a military experiment.  Bad dubbing, bad acting, blurry cinematography, this is an amazingly bad movie that amazingly enough was not directed by Larry Buchanan...It was directed by a guy who worked with him though.

This movie was re-released to home video in the UK around 1983 and generated some controversy thanks to the advertising that made it seem very similar to a certain popular movie out at the time.

Needless to say, Universal was less than amused.  The ad was changed to this...

Well, they get an "A" for effort at the very least.  I especially love how they gave up trying to tie themselves in with E.T. and instead tried to make people think this was on the notorious "Video Nasties" list.

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