Monday, January 23, 2012

Special Video Game Review: Abobo's Big Adventure

If you look at the links section on my blog, you will notice a link to the website I-Mockery, a fantastic nostalgia site that is maybe the greatest website of it's type I have ever had the pleasure to visit.  Run by Roger Barr, it is an 80's nostalgia buff's paradise with great articles on old NES games, movies, there's really too much for me to get into lest I go totally off track with the article.

One of the great things Barr and his team do is make Flash games.  His latest is Abobo's Big Adventure, a loving tribute to those old NES games with the title character taking center stage in a hugely destructive, hugely entertaining quest to save his son.  The character, originally a villain in the Double Dragon series, is a huge mountain of a man who I can only describe as The Incredible Hulk if he went to a tanning salon and got hooked on steroids.

It's eight levels of hell as you smash your way through street fights, underwater battles, chases through space while attached to balloons, a Legend of Zelda level that's a blast, a Mega Man level that is practically evil in its difficulty and an ultra-cool Contra level followed by a final showdown based on Super Punch-Out.

This is one of the best games I have ever played in my life.  It's true joy for any fan of the old NES as well as anyone who just wants to play a fun, challenging game.

You can play it right here.


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