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Fangoria Flashbacks: Fangoria #47

Fangoria 47 August, 1985: Gore Savini!

The 47th issue of Fangoria is another knockout with great photos and a nice variety of articles.  Let's take a closer look.
  • We kick things off with a Robert Englund interview as he chats about his work on V as well as his early horror outings and the soon-to-be iconic Nightmare on Elm Street.  As usual, Robert is quite chatty and forthcoming.  In the years to come, he will become just as ubiquitous a presence as Dick Miller.  Funny thing about publishing, at the time this issue came out, the second Nightmare entry was three months away from release.
  • After a brief thing on the recent first ever Fango convention, it's off to the Dr., Cyclops column.
  1. Them! (1954): Sci-fi classic about giant ants trying to eat James Arness and James Whitmore.  Great flick that any fan of monster movies should see.
  2. Piranha II-The Spawning (1981): James Cameron's directorial debut,.  As he puts it, it's the best movie ever made about flying piranhas you will ever see.
  3. Dracula vs. Frankenstein (1971): An Al Adamson classic, this is one of the crappiest movies ever made from a man who definitely knows how to take a movie and just make is horrible yet still entertaining.  It's definitely one to track down if you like bad movies.
  4. Blackenstein (1973): Speaking of bad movies, this one just plain stinks like death.  Really, the only good thing about this is the title and even then it's pretty awful.
  5. Dead Men Walk (1943): Low budget George Zucco (the go-to guy when Lugosi either busy or cast in another role) feature with George playing both the good guy and said good guy's evil undead twin brother.  I've got it on a 50 movie pack so you can expect me to expound on it at a later date.
  •  After a nice interview with author Fritz Leiber, we get a look at the f/x of Lifeforce courtesy of Nick Maley.  It's a good chat about the movie as well as some of Maley's other works.
  • We now class things up a bit with possibly my favorite article of the year.  In wonderful bit of genius, we get a nice two page article on the airing of a production of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus on PBS.  For those of you who haven't read the play, it's one of his early works and basically is an Elizabethan gore fest.
  • Speaking of gore, next is the cover story: a nice, long interview with Tom Savini about the fantastic zombie f/x of Day of the Dead.  As usual, Savini is a fountain of information and if you love makeup f/x, Day of the Dead is definitely one to see.  There are some truly impressive things in it that hold up even today.
  • More Fright Night coverage in the form of an on-set diary is next, followed by an interview with frequent Joe Dante collaborator Mike Finnell about Dante's latest movie, the sci-fi fantasy Explorers.  Following that is a review of a low budget (and from what I hear rather crappy) horror flick Neon Maniacs.  This is one of the things I've always loved about the magazine during this period.  In the span of three articles, you get three unique areas of the genre.
  • After the book review column, we get some Starlog leftovers with a piece on Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.  I'm actually okay with the occasional sidetrack like this and the Explorers piece as they throw a little something different at the reader which is always a good thing.
  • Alex Gordon is up next with a piece on Donovan's Brain as well as other films based on that particular part of the anatomy and we finish things off with a long interview on 590's monster movies the the Nightmare Invasion section.
Fangoria 47 is one heck of a jam-packed issue that is solid from beginning to end.

Coming Soon: Fangoria #50-Here's Freddy!

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