Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Wild Beasts (1983)

I first heard about this one on Dread Central's Dinner for Fiends podcast a few years ago and have been salivating for it ever since.  Thanks to the wonder of You Tube, I can now report on it.  The plot is as basic a plot as one could ever hope for.  It's set in Germany where the animals at a local zoo drink water that has been laced with PCP and go on a rampage.

No, this isn't joke, that's really the plot.

It all begins with ominous shots of... well, just a bunch of empty syringes just lying around followed by enough shots of running water to make your bladder scream for mercy.  After a ton of ominous shots of animals drinking water (plus footage of some of the big cats being fed what I can only hope was something killed before filming began, though with Italian exploitation films you never know) we get our first actual attack scene as a couple making out in their car is killed by rats.

Things escalate as the animals in the zoo get loose due to a malfunction in the security system and it's up to two zoo employees to figure out what's going on.  Characterization is minimal here and the dubbing is rather hit or miss but you can't really gripe about the acting when the real reason to watch a movie is the carnage.

We get some pretty good stuff, tiger attacks, elephants crushing people in their cars, a polar bear tears through a ballet class, it's all pretty ridiculous and gory with a rather tasteless final twist as some of the kids in the ballet class...drank some water earlier.  Yep, we're in exploitation land all right.

Sadly, the premise is about the only interesting thing about the movie as the stuff between the attacks is rather dull and perfunctory.  Still, it's worth tracking down just so you can say you saw zoo animals tripping on PCP going insane and a polar bear going on a bloody, if somewhat sleep looking rampage.

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