Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ninja III: The Domination (1984)

This gem from Cannon opens with one of the best scenes of carnage (at least for a 1984 movie) I've seen in a while as an apparently immortal ninja takes out some rich guy on a golf course along with a bunch of cops.  It's wonderfully excessive and best off all, this is the first ten minutes or so.

The ninja escapes and somehow, for some reason, transfers his essence into the body of Christy, an aerobics instructor/telephone company worker played by the lovely Lucinda  (from the Cannon hit Breakin')Dickey when she comes across him.  Yep, it's the 80's all right.  We're in for a lot of neon Lycra and crappy synth music, folks.

Now possessed by the evil ninja, Christy kills the cops responsible for the death of the ninja while forging a relationship with the investigating officer Billy Secord, a total drip of a cop played by Jordan Bennett.  eventually, Sho Kosugi is called in, seems he's sort of an evil ninja spirit exorcist and it all ends with Sho versus the evil ninja,.

Ninja III is a brisk, truly silly and stupid yet entertaining movie that does nothing to tax the brain,  The action is good, director Sam Firstenberg (American Ninja 1 and 2, Avenging Force) keeps things moving and while none of the performances are good, the action is just fine.  On the downside, we get way too much aerobics footage and while the idea of a cross between a ninja movie and The Exorcist with a little bit of Flashdance is a funny idea, it doesn't quite go as insanely far as it could have.  There also isn't enough Sho in it.  He's not a good actor at all but he's definitely fun to watch when he's on screen.

Overall, it's worth a look if only for the first ten minutes and the finale which is just weird enough to be amusing.

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