Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The King of the Kickboxers (1991)

The King of the Kickboxers is one of the best "so bad it's good" movies I have ever seen.  I first heard about this gem on a podcast over on Dread Central and since then, I have craved a look at this movie like a junkie in dire need of a fix.

Loren Avedon plays Jake Donahue, a tough as nails NYC cop who takes the notion of "plays by his own rules" and magnifies it by ten.  We first see him (after a prologue sequence I'll get to in a minute) as he single-handedly takes out some drug dealers after sending the SWAT team to the wrong address on purpose and brazenly blowing his cover for the heck of it.

Yep, it's that kind of movie.

Jake is assigned a case involving a snuff film ring revolving around a marital arts tournament in Thailand.  Jake is reluctant as ten years ago his brother was killed right in front of him after winning a martial arts tournament in...You guessed it, Thailand.  The setup is that these guys are getting martial artists to do what they think is a movie when in actuality they're just being set up as cannon fodder for the demented Khan, played by Billy Blanks.  Also, by sheer coincidence, Khan is the guy who killed Jake's brother.

After a really out of place "Stallone yell" which Avedon hated doing, Jake is off to Thailand where he gets a few allies in the form of Prang, another martial artist who helps Jake prepare to fight Khan (in a hilariously sadistic training montage) and Molly, a young woman he saves from Khan.  It all ends with a huge showdown between Jake and Khan.  Jake wins, the bad guys are caught and he goes off with Molly at the end.

This is a seriously fun movie, chock full of cheesy action and hilarious (not always intentional) moments.  The fighting is quite good for a low budget action film and while Avedon is not a good actor, he acquits himself well on the action side of things.

Billy Blanks is also hilarious as Khan.  His role consists pretty much of just fighting, screaming and looking scary which he does very well.  This is an awesome cheeseball classic that any fan of action films worth a damn owes it to themselves to see.

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