Friday, January 20, 2012

1990: Bronx Warriors (1982)

1990: Bronx Warriors is, like After the Fall of New York, an amazingly fun Italian action movie with a plot that mixes Escape From New York with The Warriors.  It's the future and The Bronx has been declared a no-man's-land by the government, leaving it to be ruled by gangs, specifically The Riders, led by Trash (Mark Gregory).  The President's daughter runs away and ends up with them and in response, a gruff man by the name of Hammer (Vic Morrow) is sent in after her.

Come to think of it, this movie is actually an inversion of the later Escape from L.A. only with the Vic Morrow character being replaced by Kurt Russell and being played as the good guy.  It's pretty neat to watch these films back to back, actually.

Back to the movie, it's pretty short on plot but long on wildly inventive and colorful characters such as Fred Williamson as a rival gang leader named Ogre and the great George Eastman as, what else, a giant monster of a man who loves carnage.

Enzo Castellari does a good job of keeping things moving with stacks of action scenes and weird moments and the only reason I don't rate this higher is that  the ending is rather abrupt and Castellari would top himself later on with Warriors of the WastelandBronx Warriors is an entertaining ride and it spawned a sequel, Escape from the Bronx that would later be spoofed by MST3K.

This is a good beer and pizza movie, check it out.

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