Friday, December 23, 2011

VHS Memories IX: Cornucopia Grab Bag Part 2

More randomness, just in time for the holidays!

Let's start with an old TV Guide ad for one of the few crappy Charles Bronson 80's movies I have yet to see.  I hear it's okay, not great.

An early Fred Olen Ray movie, this is a gloriously cheesy piece of trash starring Ray's young son as the alien invader.  It's cheap, stupid and endlessly amusing.

This is a bizarre interpretation of the Whtley Streiber novel that stars Christopher Walken and is directed by Phillipe Mora, the man behind Howling 2 and 3.  It's a strange, over the top movie and I'm honestly not sure if it's so bad it's good, or just bad.

Because nothing says Merry Christmas like hordes of the undead, Freddy Krueger and crappy Cannon action films.  And no, I'm not being sarcastic here.

Ah, classic 80's comedy specials.  Oh, and a Joe Piscopo tape as well.

Another ad for The Evil that Men Do.  I think this one is from a newspaper.

Ah, a great classic from my childhood.  Maybe not as hip and funny as The Muppet Show, but just as good in terms of quality.

MGM Means...Well, in this case it means decent enough movies that are either acceptable fare or just plain underwhelming.

Maybe one of the best monster  movies of the fifties starring the oldest teenager in cinematic history.  Seriously, casting Steve McQueen as a teen in 1958 was like casting Robert Mitchum as one around the same time.  Hell, Mitchum probably looked 35 even when he was a teen!

Somehow, I think it would be more convincing if Trans World had said exactly what they had more of.  Because I'm looking at  the titles here and there ain't that much in front of me right now.

We finish things off with an ad for a Chuck Norris double feature.  It would be better if this was...Oh. let's say Silent Rage and Forced Vengeance but this isn't too bad a teaming.

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