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Fangoria Flashbacks: Fangoria #46

Fangoria #46 August, 1985: Space Vampires and Zombies!

After the last issue, one would think it would be hard to top such a great issue...You would be wrong.  Great cover, great content, let's take a closer look.
  • Gotta love that cover.  It's one I remember seeing constantly in issues of Starlog from the same time (Starlog Press was always great about inter-promotional stuff) and it's certainly an attention grabber.
  • We kick things off (after some letters about Friday 5 and other various issues), with a nice retro piece on the 50's monster movie Fiend Without A Face.  Is it weird that I'm actually getting tired of good retrospective articles?  Just a little?  Okay, then.
  • Dr. Cyclops is up next:
  1. Big Bad Mama (1974): Classic Corman-produced action  flick starring Angie Dickinson as the title character with William and Shatner and Tom Skerrit in supporting roles.  The reason this film is being reviewed here can be summed up in two words:  Dick Miller.  I told you they had a thing for him around this time!
  2. The Black Room (1935): Another Boris Karloff movie, here he plays twin brothers in a Gothic period piece.
  3. Castle of the Walking Dead (1967): German Gothic horror with Christopher Lee as the rather oddly named Count Regula who seeks immortality or something by way of virgin blood.  I hear it's actually pretty damn good.
  4. The Monster Club (1980): A rather limp horror/comedy/musical anthology with Vincent Price and John Carradine.
  5. Phantasm (1979):  Oh, how I love this movie.  There honestly is too much for me to say without dragging this piece out to an unreasonable length so let's just say it's awesome and leave it at that.
  6. Bay of blood (1971): Mario Bava giallo that is a precursor to Friday the 13th.
  • We get a return interview with Caroline Munro that is simply fantastic, covering movies, commercials and even a little personal stuff.  No shots of her in a bikini but you can's have it all.  Right?
  • Tobe Hooper is up next with a look at Lifeforce, maybe the most expensive exploitation movie ever shot (not counting Grindhouse).  The guys at Cannon produced this and I have to say that while it does have a bad reputation, it's actually quite entertaining.  The article is solid as well.
  • We next get an amusing comic called "Sucker Swamp: A Tale of Dreadful Stupidity".  It's a gory satire of the genre that's good for a chuckle.  I kind of wish this sort of thing happened more often in the magazine.  When it's done well, as it is here, it's a nice breath of fresh air.
  • The Nightmare Library is up next and it has been expanded to two books this time.  For future reference, I will only be mentioning books in the column that I have actually read, saves time and space.
  • Next is a great set visit for Day of the Dead followed by Alex Gordon's column which covers a variety of cheesy movies.  A little unfocused, this one.
  • Another new movie preview is next with a look at the soon-to-be classic Re-Animator.  It's a nicely comprehensive set visit that really gets your mouth watering for the movie.
  • More new stuff is on tap with a look at the rather lame The Bride, featuring Sting as Dr. Frankenstein and Jennifer Beals as his latest creation.
  • We finish things off with a nice, long interview with producer Howard Koch (He's done everything from old Karloff movies to The Manchurian Candidate to Dragonslayer) and an excerpt from a book on Night of the Living Dead before the Nightmare Invasion section takes us home.
 Issue 46 is a continuation of the quality the previous two supplied.

Coming Soon: Fangoria #47-Gore Savini!

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    1. I still have this issue and a bunch from the inaugural year and many after that. I love Fango in the good ol days.


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