Thursday, December 22, 2011

Street Fighter (1994)

Here we have an example of a truly atrocious movie that is still endlessly entertaining.  Based... sort of... on the hit video game, Street Fighter stars The Muscles from Brussels as Col. William Guile, the head of an elite military unit that must liberate hostages from the fictional island Shadaloo and its deranged ruler General Bison (Raul Julia in his last role).  He's joined by his second in command (Kylie Minogue) and others such as martial artist con men Ryu and Ken who...Well, they figure into the plot but not as much as one would expect.

That's really all the plot we get and strangely enough, it doesn't hurt the movie all that much.   This is one of those movies where putting an actual story in would make the film utterly unwatchable.  Make no mistake, this is a bad, bad movie with all but one of the actors giving bad performances, a tone that seems better suited for a younger audience than one would expect and the action seems to reflect that, not going as over the top as one would hope for a film based on a video game.

Happily, we get all the over the top theatrics we could ever want from Raul Julia.  Knowing he had very little time left, he clearly did something so he would have a lot of money to leave to his family and, I like to think, he wanted to give people who enjoyed his work something to remember before he left.

He certainly delivers with a frothing mad slice of ham that makes this film a can't miss experience.  He shouts, makes wild gestures and cackles madly for the entire movie.  It's really a hell of a show.  The rest of the cast doesn't fare so well.  Van Damme is his usual self, competent but not really that great.  Minogue makes little impression and Wes Studi is adequate as a secondary villain.  Still, the film is really there for Julia to go out with a bang.

The action, as I said, is somewhat muted for the most part with the finale being the only real standout.  We get tons of hand-to hand, some gun play and a decent showdown between Guile and Bison, highlighted by Julia's theatrics.

In the end, this is a bad adaptation of the video game and, apart from Raul Julia, a bad movie in general.  I like the movie though, flaws and all.  It's one of the better video game adaptations though, though when your competition is most of Uwe Boll's filmography, that Super Mario Brothers movie with Bob Hoskins and Mortal Kombat with Christopher Lambert, that isn't saying much.

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