Monday, December 12, 2011

I Come in Peace (1990)

I Come in Peace (originally titled Dark Angel) is Dolph Lundgren's best movie.  A fun, brisk ride, it stars Dolph as Jack Caine, a cop on the trail of some yuppie drug dealers.  The situation gets complicated with the appearance of a huge alien drug dealer (Matthias Hues) who harvests human endorphins as they are his planet's answer to heroin or something.  Caine ends up being partnered with a by-the-book FBI agent named Arwood "Larry" Smith (played by Brian Benben) and together they end up taking on the alien with some help from another alien who turns out to be a cop.

Cheese is the main course for the day as we get a hilarious villain who only rasps "I come in peace!" and has razor sharp Cd's as weapons.  There's plenty of action, expertly directed by Craig Baxley and the entire film has an agreeably light tone.

Baxley has a pretty damn good track record with this movie, Action Jackson and Stone Cold.  All three are fantastic beer and pizza movies though I out of these three, I think I prefer Stone Cold.  It's got a better villain (though to be fair, having Lance Henriksen on board gives any film an edge) and the pacing is slightly better.

I Come in Peace is one of the better "so bad, it's good" movies you are likely to find.  Dolph is just fine in his role, Hues makes a nicely imposing villain and Benben is amusing without being annoying.  It has humor, action and it goes by fast enough that it never wears out its welcome.  It's a real fun ride.

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