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Fangoria Flashbacks: Fangoria Issue #44

Fangoria #44 May, 1985: Jason is Back!...Sort of

Issue 44 is a pretty great issue with tons of good stuff.  Let's take a look.
  • After an editorial announcing a big party the magazine is putting on, we kick things off with a nice thee page interview with Nightmare on Elm Street actor John Saxon.  Saxon has been around for a long time and is one of the best b-movie stars out there.  Saxon gives some nice info on his general career as well as talking a little about his role in NOES.
  • We go retro for the next article with an interesting interview with Curt Siodmak, screenwriter of several Universal classics such as The Invisible Man and The Wolf Man.  Curt is very outspoken and opinionated  and isn't shy about coming off as a bit of a grumpy old man (which he is).  It's a nice, long piece and very candid.
  • Dr. Cyclops is up next and it would seem it was either a tight deadline for the man or a really lean release slate that month as there are only three movies reviewed.
  1. Invasion of the Blood Farmers (1972): Notorious bad movie classic about a bunch of deranged Druids who are into blood draining as a means of resurrecting their goddess.  It's even worse than it sounds from what I hear.
  2. The Man They Could Not Hang (1939): Another Boris Karloff mad doctor flick that's supposed to be pretty decent.
  3. Fiend Without a Face (1957): Classic 50's monster movie about invisible brain-sucking monsters.
  • We whip back to new stuff with a brief piece on Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning.  The production was shrouded in secrecy so the article is a little shorter than one would generally prefer.  That being said, it's a nice preview of the movie with some gory photos.  Sure the movie stinks but still!
  • An amusing little side note before we move on:  The Scream Greats poster for this issue is a shot of Jason from the new Friday the 13th movie.  I think this is pushing the concept a bit.
  • Alex Gordon is up next with a column on the Boris Karloff flick The Black Room and after that we get a chat with f/x artist David Miller who chats about his work on Nightmare on Elm Street and the underrated sci-fi movie Dreamscape.  He also touches on some of the other films he's worked on, some of which are Beastmaster, Swamp Thing and Sword and the Sorcerer.
  • Next, we get a nice interview with author Robert R. McCammon and another article on The Company of Wolves, this time covering the general production.  Not sure why this ran after the f/x article (it makes sense to do it that way to me) but it's still a high quality piece of writing.
  • A review of The Talisman is up next and I have to say I really dig the notion of doing one long essay on a book as opposed to covering several in shorter reviews.  It's pretty cool.
  • More Stephen King related content is next with an interview with Silver Bullet actor Everett McGill.  McGill is a very solid character actor with a nice long career which gets good coverage in the article (well, what he was doing up until '85 at any rate).
  • Up to bat now is an interview with Return of the Living Dead director, the late Dan O'Bannon.  It's a good piece and Dan is...amusing.  I dig the guy's movies and it sucks that we won't get any more but there always seemed to be a certain bitterness in most of his interviews (sometimes justified, sometimes not).  I get the sense that team work wasn't one of his strong suits.
  • We return to exploitation-land with a piece on indie distributor Almi Pictures who put out After the Fall of New York (reviewed on this blog).  As with other articles of this type, it's a fascinating look at a side of the film industry we don't get to see much of.  There's also a nice little companion piece in the form of an interview with After the Fall... Star Michael Sopkiw.  It's a brief but well done interview.
  • Dark Shadows star Jonathan Frid is up next to talk about...Well, Dark Shadows.  What the hell else would he be chatting about in Fangoria?
  • The last article is a nice five page piece on director Robert Wise and after the Nightmare Invasion section, the issue comes to a triumphant end.
Issue #44 is a real knockout of an issue.

Coming Soon: Fangoria #45, We Axe the Questions!

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