Friday, November 4, 2011

Syngenor (1990)

In 1990, a sequel was made to the 1980 William Malone horror film Scared to Death.  Not sure anyone ever asked for it, not exactly sure why it got the green light.  There is one thing I am certain of, it's a damn fine piece of cheesy film making.

A young woman played by the impressively named Starr Andreeff (I'm not sure but I think she might be from California originally) learns her father has been killed by the creature he helped develop, a genetically engineered super soldier called Syngenor.  She is helped by a reporter who doesn't seem to pay much attention to where he parks (he seems to be attracted to the handicapped spots for some reason) and it all revolves around Paula Gorski (Riva Spier) an ambitious executive at the research lab trying to use the father's death as a way to oust C.E.O. Carter Brown, played wonderfully by the late, great David Gale.

Gale is truly the highlight of the movie.  It's not enough to say he goes over the top and chews the scenery.  He hurtles over it with reckless abandon and practically devours every single set he comes across.  Giggling madly as he injects himself with...something, jumping up and down madly as he shoots a security guard, he single-handedly gets this movie two or three extra points.  Without him, the film would simply be just another quick DTV horror movie.

The f/x work is also really good for a low budget flick.  The Syngenor design is pretty neat and at the end, there's a really cool looking mutation that ends up offing David Gale in a fittingly over the top manner.  There's some decent gore elsewhere in the movie but that last shot is a real showstopper.

There some flaws though.  The story is fairly pedestrian and apart from Gale, the performances don't really stand out.  Pacing is also a little lax as it takes a bit of time to get moving.  Once it does though...Wow!

It pretty much lives on the performance Gale provides which happily enough, is more than enough to make it a worthwhile experience.  It's not exactly a good movie but good lord is it entertaining!

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