Tuesday, October 4, 2011

VHS Memories III: Never saw the movie but gosh that's a cool cover!

Note:  For some reason, the images in this post vanished mysteriously.  Here's a cut down version of it.

Naturally, there are always movies that look great only because the distributor managed to put together a good looking poster/cover.  Here's a batch of films that I haven't seen but just based on the cover, there's a good chance I would have rented it...and later returned it while stifling the urge to punch out the clerk.

Here's a classic one to start with.  This is a really cheesy slasher flick from the early 80's.  From what I've read, the tagline on the video box is the best part of the movie.

Always wanted to see this one, from what I hear it's actually not that awful.

Good box art and from what I hear, skin-peelingly bad movie.

Another Charles Band production I really want to see.  I hear it's a pretty decent twist on the WWII film.  Aliens vs. Nazis?  Why the hell is this not on DVD yet?

This is actually a slight cheat on my part as I did catch the last few minutes of this on a UHF station a few years back.  Yep, caught it just as the crummy cop-out freeze frame ending came up.  Still, nice cover and I hear the rest isn't too horrible.  Saw it at Blockbuster a few times but never went for it...Mainly because I couldn't find anything really good to go along with it.

Here's an interesting case:  This is the re-cut version of an Italian Island of Dr. Moreau riff called Island of the Fishmen with gore f/x from Chris Walas.  And yes, the box is the best thing about the movie.

We'll wrap things up with two classic boxes.  First off is the sci-fi horror film Future-Kill which not only reunites two cast members from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre but also has one of the coolest covers in video history.  Sure the film isn't good but still!

And to end things, here's the great box for Dead Pit.  Folks will probably remember this for the box which had a great gimmick, the zombie's eyes light up when you press it.  Bonus:  The film is supposed to be pretty decent as well!

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  1. Great post! Definitely agree about Traxx. It is silly fun.


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