Thursday, October 6, 2011

2019: After the Fall of New York (1984)

It's back to Italy for more early 80's cheesy goodness.  This time, our subject is an off the wall blending of Escape From New York with some Road Warrior thrown in for flavor.  It's 2019 and the world has been decimated by nuclear war.  On top of that, there is only one fertile woman left on earth which means...Well, it means there are probably a lot more horny guys at the singles bars than usual.  A lone hero is enlisted to find her and deliver to safety with the usual array of colorful characters both helping and opposing him.

Michael Sopkiw is our hero for the day, the standard loner we get in this sort of movie.  This time, his name is Parsifal and he ends up teaming up with a few random characters who serve mainly as cannon fodder but a few do stand out, mainly Big Ape (George Eastman), a huge pirate with a rather simian appearance.  Eastman is great as usual, exuding his usual blend of charm and menace.

There really isn't much to talk about plot wise as it's pretty much wall to wall action and violence with some impressively gory footage here and there.

Director Sergio Martino does a fine job lensing things and happily, he knows exactly what sort of movie this is and doesn't waste our time with a "message".  There's some good car chase stuff with the usual insane Italian stuntmen saying "Safety measures, hah!", a bit of humor here and there plus some oddness to go along with the cheap models and cheese.

After the Fall of New York is a fantastic piece of 80's cheese.  Not too long (95 minutes is about the most a film like this should run so this is just at the limit) and full of action, it's one of the better Italian action films and a definite must-see.

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