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Fangoria Flashbacks: Fangoria #29

Fangoria #29 September, 1983:  Fulci of Gore!

We skip ahead a few issues to issue 29. A rather big change greets us in the editorial as it would seem Bob Martin stepped away from the magazine as editor, leaving David Everitt in charge of the ship.  Actually, I think it was probably just a well deserved break as he would be back later as a co-editor until around issue #50.

I believe he ended up leaving due to simply being tired of how homogenized the genre was starting to become.

To the issue itself, the cover alone makes things worthwhile as we are greeted by the promise of gore from Gates of Hell, a look at Jaws 3-D, the f/x of Krull (really more sci-fi but that's neither here nor there) and yet another Herschell Gordon Lewis article.  The Scream Greats poster this issue is from An American Werewolf in London.

Notable Notes
  • We kick things off with a bang (or should that be splat?) in our first article, a nice interview with Lucio Fulci about Gates of Hell, also known as City of the Living Dead.  It's one of three really good zombie movies Fulci did during this period, the other two being Zombie and The Beyond.  The interview itself is a relatively brief affair but there's some good stuff in it.
  • We next get part 2 of a set visit to The Dead Zone.  The article is from Bob Martin and as usual, it's very well written with an eye for detail.
  • The semi-obligatory at this point Herschell Gordon Lewis article is up next with an excerpt from a book about the legendary gore master.  I appreciate the enthusiasm for a new discovery but seriously, are we gonna get the man's grocery list next?
  • Griffin Dunne is up next to chat about An American Werewolf in London.  One of the things that always amuses me about fanzines of this period is how long coverage of a movie can be drawn out at times./  For instance, Starlog was still putting out new Return of the Jedi articles in early 1984.
  • Dr. Cyclops is up next with seven new videos.
  1.  The Cat and the Canary (1927): An old adaptation of a stage play concerning an old dark house, old family secrets, your standard hokey old fashioned horror flick.
  2. The Ghoul (1975): Peter Cushing film from the mid-seventies that I've heard is not too bad.
  3. The Brain from Planet Arous (1958): B-classic about a giant alien brain that menaces John Agar and others.  A bad movie classic.
  4. Horror of Party Beach (1964): Another bad movie classic mixing undersea creatures with a beach party.  Basically it's Frankie and Annette meet the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
  5. Deadly Blessing (1981): Early Wes Craven flick that is supposed to be pretty good.
  6. Squirm (1976): Great b-movies about an invasion of worms in a small southern town.  MST3K did a good job lampooning this one but it's actually pretty fun on its own.
  7. Pit and the Pendulum (1961): A great Roger Corman/Vincent Price collaboration, the second in their Poe cycle for AIP.  Good stuff.
  •  Alex Gordon is up next with part 3 of his look at AIP horror movies.  This issue, he talks about The She-Creature, one of many, many movies put out by the studio that were distinguished only by the great monster costume design by Paul Blaisdell.  Gordon also gets into the Corman classic It Conquered the World, the only movie I know of that had a Venusian carrot invading earth.
  • We get more retro material with looks at the British classic Dead of Night, an interview with schlock producer Sam Sherman and a brief photo piece on Ray Dennis Steckler, another bad movie staple.
  • It's back to current affairs as Jaws 3-D gets some face time as does t he sadly underwhelming Twilight Zone movie.  It's a shame because a show as great as The Twilight Zone really deserves better than what it got.
  • After a nice interview with Fango fave Dick Miller, we get a large book column as it moves from the Monster Invasion section to a spotlight by itself.  Just one book is reviewed but what the hey?
  • We finish things up with a nice interview with f/x artist Nick Maley and the Monster Invasion section.
 Issue 29 is pretty good.  It gets off to a fine start but gets bogged down a bit by a little too much content.  It's all good but after a while it gets to be a bit much.

Coming Soon:  Fangoria #30, Into the Twilight

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