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Fangoria Flashbacks: Fangoria #18

Fangoria 18 April, 1982: Fango on the Prowl

 We come to issue 18, late spring of 1982 and just before maybe the best summer movie season of the 80's.  On the downside there will be a pretty large gap between this issue and the next one I have but still!

This month's cover creature is Malcolm McDowell in Cat People, one of the better remakes of a classic horror film.  I think it helps that the filmmakers aimed to make the story their own rather than simply copying what was done previously.

Notable Notes
  •  After the editorial and letters, we get a strange return of Count Fangor.  Instead of a comic, we get "behind the scenes" photos of an upcoming epic called "Count Fangor meets Hitler".  The shots are basically action stills of a wrestling match between a guy in a Count Fangor mask and cape (I'm guessing an intern) and some poor SOB in a bad Hitler disguise (probably another intern who hopefully was paid very well for this).  I don't know what the deal with this was but I'd guess it was near the end for the Count Fangor concept.  I'd love to know the full story though, anything pushed this damn hard has to have one hell of a story behind it.
  • Moving on, we begin with a return interview with Tom Burman as he discusses his work for Cat People.  It's definitely warranted since the f/x are the main thing the film has to offer in addition to the usual wonderfully bug-eyed mad performance from Malcolm McDowell and the lovely Nastassia Kinski.He also chats a little about The Beast Within, another '82 release he worked on.  It's...Well, it's not as good as Cat People.  Let's leave it at that.
  • I want to call a little attention to the neat ad for upcoming Universal releases for 1982 following the first two pages of the Burman interview..  It's a very nice two page spread with one half listing some great films of the past (the Universal monsters, Jaws, This Island Earth) and the second page given to upcoming releases like E.T., The Thing and The Dark Crystal.  It's a really cool piece of advertising.
  • Actually, I've always loved how Universal sells itself.  From the aforementioned ad to some of the early Universal Studios Florida ads (the music used is simply epic and has stuck in my mind since the first time I heard it) to the little montage found on their early DVDs.  They generally have been very good about putting across a solid package for their product.
  • We next find part one of a Creepshow set visit.  This is one of my favorite George Romero films (second to Dawn of the Dead) and as always, he's a very good interview.  Equally good, if not better is Stephen King who can always be counted on for an interesting interview.  We get a nice little overview of the backstory of the film as well as a few sidebars pieces with actors Viveca Lindfors and Ted Danson.  Good stuff all around.
  • Following that is an interview with producer Paul Pepperman concerning the upcoming Don Coscarelli epic The Beastmaster.  A good piece as usual, I just want to say that this is one of the all-time great sword and sorcery flicks.  It's just fantastic.  A little longer than it really needs to be, but one can say the same about the first Conan film and that's even better!
  • David Everitt is up next with a piece on horror on home video.  This was during the big VHS boom of the 80's and of course, labels were popping up faster than video stores could place orders.  Wizard Video is the main subject and it's a nice, concise piece.
  • We go back a few decades for some retro action with Alex Gordon's column on voodoo in classic horror and an interview with b-movie actress Allison (Attack of the 50 foot Woman) Hayes.  We also get an interview with producer Herman Cohen of I Was a Teenage Werewolf fame.  All three articles are pretty solid pieces though nothing earth shattering.
  • Back to the present, we get a brief piece with makeup artist Kevin Haney, a good interview with comic artist/production designer Mike Ploog, and pieces on John Carpenter's The Thing* and the little known but pretty decent Rest in Peace (released as One Dark Night).
  • We finish up with the Monster Invasion section and so ends a operetta fantastic issue of Fangoria.
*I'll talk about The Thing in October as we get closer to Halloween.

Coming Soon:  Fangoria #25, Gore up your TV!

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