Thursday, August 18, 2011

Warriors of the Wasteland (1982)

Like Battletruck which I reviewed here earlier, Warriors of the Wasteland is a post-apocalyptic tale that is heavily influenced by The Road Warrior.  And like Alien Contamination (also reviewed here), it's from our good buddies in Italy.  It relates the struggle of Scorpion (Timothy Brent/Giancarlo Prete) against the evil Templars, led by man-mountain George Eastman (real name: Luigi Montefiori).  The Templars are a deranged band of lunatics who deal that it is man's destiny to die, a destiny they fulfill with a gruesome and brutal attack in the opening minutes of the movie.

That's basically the plot in itself and to be honest, you really don't need much more than that for this movie.  Scorpion has a cool tricked out car (as does everyone in this sort of movie) and since this is a Road Warrior knockoff, there's a kid (played by  Giovanni Frezza who is much better here than he was in House by the Cemetary) and a woman played by the lovely Anna Kanakis.  Fred Williamson is also on hand to do what he always does:  Look cool, act cool and kill lots of things real good.  I dig Fred in this, he has a lot more to do here than he did in Warrior of the Lost World.

The majority of the film is taken up by long action sequences, to the point where you realize that roughly 3/4 if the 86 minute running time is devoted to mindless gory violence.  If that doesn't justify the 8/10 I give it I don't know what does!  The best thing is that it never gets boring because the director, Enzo Castellari, knows how to stage an action scene and keep it interesting.  It also helps that the stuntmen in Italy at the time the film was made were so frigging insane you just have to stand up and cheer.  Say what you will about the film's screenplay but what it lacks in plot and characterization (with one notable exception which I'll get to). it more than  makes up for in pace.m  This sucker moves like a bullet.

Performances are good enough across the board but I really want to shine a spotlight on George Eastman here because his character of One really has to be seen to be believed.  For those of you who have never seen the man, allow me to give a brief profile of his character.  Imagine a gigantic 6'9 man with a full beard, evil grin and a streak of gray in his hair who loves to kill and destroy and asserts his dominance over Scorpio (a former Templar) at one point by making him his bitch.

Yes, this may be the only Road Warrior knockoff and maybe the only exploitation film I'm aware of where it's the male lead who gets raped.  You don't really see anything but damn!

Warriors of the Wasteland is a cheerful, cheesy, violent romp that is well worth seeking out of you like action films.

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