Monday, August 8, 2011

Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

Coming off the success of Star Wars, it's rather surprising to me that it took Roger Corman until; 1980 to cash in on its success.  Battle Beyond the Stars is a light, frothy space adventure starring Henry (The Waltons) Thomas as Shad, a young man whose planet is threatened by an immortality-obsessed despot named Sador (John Saxon) who wants to conquer the galaxy.

Shad enlists the help of several mercenaries including George Peppard as a space cowboy (his name and occupation incidentally), a killer played by Robert Vaughn, a warrior woman played by Sybil Danning, a green alien with a grudge against Sador and other assorted characters.

The film is pretty damn good for a low budget effort, mainly due to the excellent production design (James Cameron's first job), a good score from James Horner and some nice acting from Vaughn and Peppard.  Saxon and Thomas are also good in their respective roles and the only loose end I can see is the female lead, a computer whiz played by Darlanne Fluegel.  Her role is somewhat underwritten and in terms of adding to the plot, well, she doesn't really.

Battle Beyond the Stars is a fun ride and even though it could have stood to lose a few minutes here and there (103 minutes for a Corman production is practically unheard of), it's still well worth seeing.  Shout Factory put out a 30th anniversary DVD recently and it's the best way you will ever see it.

Check it out.

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