Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alien Contamination (1980)

God, you decide to take a few days off from updating and it turns into a whole month!  On the upside, I grabbed a few of those 50 Movie Packs so at the very least I'll have a lot of material to choose from.

Regardless, today's entry is a gnarly little Alien ripoff from Italy.  If there's one thing I enjoy more than really good genre flicks it's cheesy Italian knockoffs of said really good movies.

Luigi  (Starcrash) Cozzi  directs this tale of alien pods that cause people to explode bloodily upon contact with them.  The military is called in to deal with the problem in the form of Colonel Stella Holmes (Louise Marleau), and a disgraced British Astronaut (Ian McCulloch) who first discovered the pods on Mars.  For some reason, a New York cop (Marino Mase) tags along and after several exploding bodies, a gloriously cheesy looking monster and some wonderfully gory shots, the day is saved...Sort of.

Alien Contamination is the sort of gloriously fun bad movie I love to see.  It's fast paced, bloody as hell and is just good dumb fun.  Cozzi is one of my favorite Italian directors.  In addition to Starcrash, he's also done a few Hercules films starring Lou Ferrigno and some other horror films.  If there is one constant with his movies, it's that they move at a nicely breezy pace and are generally very cheesy in the best possible way.

Ian McCulloch is another favorite of mine, for an even better look at his work you can just check out Lucio Fulci's Zombie (1980).  Alien Contamination is the edited American cut which runs 83 minutes.  A longer 95 minute cut is available as well under the title Contamination.

This is a great cheeseball flick from the 80's that's definitely worth viewing.

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