Thursday, February 3, 2011

Death Hunt (1981)

Death Hunt, based on actual events, tells the story of Canadian fur trapper Albert Johnson (Bronson), a loner who ends up being hunted by tenacious Mountie Edgar Millen (Lee Marvin) after killing a member of a group of men who have a beef with him. Millen is joined by Adams (Andrew Stevens), a young Mountie and Sundog (Carl Weathers), a tracker.

As the hunt goes on, Millen develops a deep respect for Johnson's skills to the point where he's willing to let the man go if he can.  Marvin does a great job of portraying this, giving the role his usual tough guy charm.  Bronson is also good, though he really doesn't have much to do outside of kill people and walk around with a grim look on his face.  Still, he's darn good at that.

This is a great, rugged action film with beautiful location shooting in the Canadian wilderness.  You really get a feel for the cold in this film, it seeps through the screen almost.   The action is done superbly (director Peter Hunt really knows his craft) and is surprisingly bloody.  We're not talking a gore fest here but when people get shot, they get shot.

Performances are uniformly excellent with Bronson and Marvin of course getting the spotlight.  Weathers is also good, bringing an easygoing charm to his role and Lauter makes for a great...Well, lout.  It's a fantastic chase movie that is a perfect double feature with First Blood.

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